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Jellycat Soft Toys - Unique Cuddly Companions for Everyone

High-quality soft toys and plush figures from Jellycat, a true treasure trove for toys and special gifts. Discover now.

Variety and Innovation

Jellycat is renowned for its creative and innovative designs. From traditional cuddly bears like Bartholomew to extraordinary characters like Fuddlewuddle, Jellycat offers a wide array of snuggable friends.

Quality and Safety

Each plush figure is rich in detail and lovingly designed. They are not only cuddly but also suitable for toddlers and meet the EN71 standard for all age groups.

Loving Companions for Every Occasion

Jellycat soft toys are irresistible and super soft, perfect for gifts or as faithful companions. Their quality and craftsmanship are unsurpassed.

Cloud B Children's Lamps and Sleep Aids - For Sweet Dreams and Peaceful Nights

Discover the magical world of Cloud B children's lamps and sleep aids. Designed to enhance children's sleep and create a soothing atmosphere. Explore now.

Tranquil Turtle - An Oasis of Calm

The Tranquil Turtle from Cloud B combines light and sound effects to simulate a relaxing underwater world. This unique lamp plays soothing sounds and creates fascinating underwater effects with its blue LED light on walls and ceilings.

Sleep Sheep - The Gentle Sleep Companion

Cloud B's Sleep Sheep is more than just a night light; it's a cuddly friend that plays 8 soothing sound options. From the mother's heartbeat to classic lullabies, it provides both babies and parents with a restful night.

Magical Light Effects for Gentle Sleep

Each Cloud B plush lamp creates a calming sleeping environment. Whether it's a starry sky with real constellations or a gentle underwater light effect, these lamps offer a tranquil and dreamy atmosphere for any child's room.

RoomMates Wall Stickers, Borders, and Decals - Transform Any Room into a Work of Art

Discover the creative world of RoomMates wall stickers, borders, and decals. Perfect for all surfaces, from walls to furniture, they create a unique ambiance in any room. Learn more.

Unique Adhesive Technology

RoomMates products use revolutionary microsphere technology that ensures strong adhesion while allowing easy removal without any residue. Ideal for limitless decorating possibilities.

Variety and Flexibility

Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, children's room, or living room, RoomMates offers diverse and colourful motifs. Each sticker is easy to apply, self-adhesive, and reusable, opening up endless design options.

Colourful Wall Murals for Every Room

With the large, self-adhesive wall murals from RoomMates, you can bring any room to life. From bathroom decorations to classic living room applications, these wall murals add colour and style to your home.

Schleich Horses - Play and Fun in the World of Horses

Discover the enchanting world of Schleich horses. Our horse figures, playsets with horse and rider, carriages, and stables offer an authentic and detailed experience. Each figure is toxin-free and hand-painted, making them a popular gift idea for children from 3 years old. Dive into the Horse Club and be captivated by the precision and realistic design of our horses. Schleich horses have been at the heart of creative play for generations and are an indispensable part of the playroom.