Sweet Dreamz On The Go Panda - sleep aid by cloud b


Sweet Dreamz On the Go Panda is the all-in-one cloud b baby soother to calm fussy and tired babies: a must-have for the modern, busy family. Each adorable soother comes equipped with a built in nightlight along with calming sounds and melodies. Choose from four gentle sounds, including a mother’s heartbeat and a soothing „shh“ sound, as well as four additional tranquil lullabies. Three different modes allow you to select the perfect setting while calming baby and easing them to sleep, wherever bedtime may land.

All-in-one baby soother

- Character face lights up with a soft, calming amber glow

- Built in sound soother reactivates when baby wakes or makes noise

- Compact 13 cm size

Plays eight soothing sounds and lullabies

- Heart button: Mother’s Heartbeat / Le La Lu

- Wave button: Ocean Sounds / Claire de Lune

- Raindrop button: Gentle Rain / Satie

- Cloud button: Rhythmic „shh“ Sound / Lullaby Waltz

Three multipurpose modes

- Mode 1: Light and music with no sound sensor

- Mode 2: Light and music with sound sensor

- Mode 3: Light only

Light timer & features:

- Adjustable volume control

- 15 minute auto shut off timer for light

- 45 minute auto shut off timer for sound

- Heart shaped clip allows unit to attach to strollers and car seats

Requires 3 AAA (micro, LR03) batteries, batteries are not included

Size approx.: length 9 cm x width 3 cm x height 13 cm