Nighty Night Owl Smart Sensor - sleep aid by cloud b


Nighty Night Owl - Smart Sensor We’ve got your back even in the middle of the night! When baby stirs or startles, this Nighty Night Owl’s sound-activated sensor automatically restarts its soothing white noise to ease your baby back into slumber.

Nighty Night Owl is a plush sleep aid, that offers soothing sounds to help calm and comfort children to sleep. Cloud b Nighty Night Owl is the perfect companion for a calm and restful night for both baby and parents!

The owl is also a cuddly companion and a toy.

Plays 8 soothing sound options:

- Heartbeat

- Twinkle-Twinkle

- Rain

- Rockabye Baby

- Surf

- Classical Lullaby

- Whale Song

- Tranquil Melody

Special sensor to activate sound:

- Responds and restarts its soothing sounds when baby vocalizes

- Three sound sensitivity levels to adjust the sensor to environmental noise

Sound box timer and features:

- Two sleep-timer options: 23 and 45 minutes

- Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby’s crib

- Requires 2 AA (mignon, LR06) batteries, batteries are included

Size: approx. 25 cm

(Batteries provided are for display use only.)

Regulations on disposal of batteries